There are four categories of membership:

Some health funds may also offer extended dependant/family cover to provide benefits for older children up to the age of 25 years who are no longer studying.

Health funds are not required to offer all types of cover to all categories of membership.

Dependent Children

Dependent children are generally defined as the members unmarried dependent children, stepchildren and foster children who are under 18 years of age (some funds allow up to 21 or 23 years). This age limit extends to 25 if the 'dependent child' is a full-time student, and is reliant on the member for maintenance and support.


If you have a Single membership and are expecting a baby, you may need to transfer to a Family Membership or a Single Parent Family membership. If you want the child to be insured from the time of birth, you may have to transfer to a family policy on confirmation of your pregnancy. Please contact us on 1300 44 2201 to explain the relevant policy details on newborns.