Current insurers include:

This list is subject to change. HICA regularly seeks out high value policies from the market and therefore alters its insurers on a regular basis to ensure our client recommendations represent high value. HICA does not represent all health funds. Some insurers only make their policies available through their branches or limited outlets, while others do not, or no longer offer products that HICA views as competitive.

Who pays HICA

HICA may receive broking and consulting fees for professional services provided to corporate, group and association clients.HICA does not charge broking or consulting fees to Australian individuals and families. HICA is remunerated by commission (typically between 1% and 5% of premiums) paid by those insurers with which a distribution agreement exists. The payment of these fees does not influence the advice we provide to you about the products offered by participating insurers.

The fees received by HICA allow our health insurance assessment service to be provided to permanent Australian residents at no charge, and cover costs associated with professionally staffing our enquiry lines and assessment service, printing, postage and general administration.

You will not pay extra for your policy when you use HICA's services.