Are you sure you have the right health cover for your needs? Here are some questions to help you decide.

Have you compared covers and rates in the past 12 months?

People's health cover needs change over time (as too do policy benefits) and new plans are introduced to the market each year. By regularly reviewing policies which provide appropriate cover for your circumstances you may be able to reduce your monthly premiums. You may also consider a higher excess plan to reduce premiums—but be sure you can afford the excess in case of an accident or illness. Compare rates now.

Do you know what you are covered for? Are you paying for benefits you don't need?

If you're paying for benefits you don't use (like maternity or orthodontic), you might save money with a plan that restricts or excludes those benefits. On the other hand, if you're paying too much out of pocket for recurring medical services (like prescription glasses or chiropractic), consider a plan that includes appropriate cover for these benefits.

Can you save by mixing and matching health plans?

Just because you're looking for hospital and extras cover doesn't mean that you need to have both cover types under the one policy or with the one fund. By considering your hospital policy needs separately from your extra's policy, you might achieve a much better overall coverage and premium. Try searching hospital only and then extras only policies to compare.

Has your personal situation undergone change?

If you recently turned 30, changed your marital status, recently had a child, experienced a shift in income, moved interstate—or if you anticipate a change in your circumstances in the year ahead—it may be time to reconsider your health insurance coverage. This is also true if your children are no longer dependants under your family cover—both you and your child should review your cover options.

Have you given your health cover a health check?

If you are unsure whether your cover is appropriate to your needs, call us on 1300 44 2201 or complete a free online assessment. A trained HICA consultant will personally review your needs and send you details of our recommended cover options.

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