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Unhealthy employees lead to an unhealthy business

14 July 2011 - 6:09pm

How would your business be affected by the illness of an employee?

Many companies never take the time to look at how an incapacitated staff member would affect their day-to-day operations and workload.

Employee health is particularly important for small-to-medium operations that rely on tight-knit teams to carry most of the work load.

For example, if your business has a sales department of two staff, what happens if one them needed a month to recover from an illness?

Potentially, the number of sales made could be halved, reducing product turnover and profits.

It could also have a negative effect on the remaining salesperson as they struggle to keep more sales coming in. After all, stressed employees are more likely to get sick themselves.

It's important to take measures to protect not only the health of your workers, but the health of your business.

The cost of running a business is on the rise and many firms simply cannot afford to survive with a sick work force.

Business health plans can ensure you keep your employees healthier and more productive.

A corporate health plan could be the most effective measure to keep your firm strong and healthy.