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Government announces better health care for Port Macquarie and Mount Isa

11 July 2011 - 6:45pm

Residents from Port Macquarie and Mt Isa will both benefit from new GP Super Clinics to be built as a part of the Government's $528 million nation-wide initiative.

The GP Super Clinics have been designed to offer residents better access to professional medical care, with preventative health care as a key focus.

The two new sites are the newest of a total of 64 to be built across Australia.

Nicola Roxon, minister for health and ageing, says the centres will offer better-all round care for people in the areas.

Minister Ms Roxon says, "Patients will be able to access care from GPs, nurses, allied health professionals, and visiting medical specialists."

Port Macquarie's $7 million agreement with Rural and Metropolitan Health (Port Macquarie) comes after the group's successful operation of the Port Stephen GP Super Clinic.
Mt Isa's $5 million deal has been made with Kinetic Health Group.

31 of the 64 sites are currently under construction, part of the government's plan to lift the overall level of health and wellbeing of Australians, rather than simply caring for people once they're already sick.

With additional health services being offered, businesses in the areas may want to reassess their corporate health cover. A quick health insurance comparison will ensure that their cover takes advantage of the new facilities.