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Good health - it's all about planning ahead

12 July 2011 - 4:32pm

The government continues to focus on preventative health measures with the announcement of an additional $26 million in Healthy Community Grants available for local governments.

The funding aims to reverse the trend of Australians not worrying about their health until they are already sick.

Acting minister for health and ageing Mark Butler says, "We know that prevention works, that’s why we are encouraging all Australians to get active, eat well and adopt healthier lifestyles."

Grants of more than $500,000 will be allocated to local governments wanting to run programs in the community that will improve education about health and wellbeing.

Initiatives such as diet education, exercise programs and physical community activities will be funded in an effort to encourage people to take more responsibility for their health.

Too often, people forget the importance of planning when it comes to maintaining a high standard of health. The necessary components like healthy eating and exercise are just as crucial as ensuring you are covered by health insurance.

A key component of ensuring good health is adequate private health cover to prepare for unforeseen health issues. In addition to adopting a healthy lifestyle, people should ensure they have the right policy to look after their individual needs.