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Generous benefits 'may improve productivity'

7 July 2011 - 6:24pm

Employers may find that having generous parental leave policies in place could improve staff productivity, according to the Fair Work Ombudsman.

Nicholas Wilson remarked that best-practice employers are those who go above and beyond their minimum legal obligations and offer a number of tangible benefits to their staff.

In addition to offering extended periods of paid parental leave funded by an employer, bosses can also stand out by continuing to make contributions to the employee's superannuation fund while they are on leave or providing a return-to-work bonus.

Policies that leave employees feeling valued can have a number of workplace benefits, Mr Wilson asserted, including boosting staff commitment.

"They will also improve staff retention, resulting in lower recruitment and training costs," he added.

Other measures employers may wish to consider if they are keen to boost productivity in the workplace include corporate health insurance policies or other perks, such as additional time off to carry out volunteer work.

Private health cover is a popular perk for many employers to offer, as it can make employees feel valued at work and in their personal lives.

There are a range of private health insurance options to consider - you may wish to speak to a broker to find a policy that meets your company's unique requirements.