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Dental cover the most necessary health insurance extra

13 July 2011 - 5:25pm

Australians made more claims for dental care than any other type of benefit according to a report by the Australian Health Insurance Association.

Of the total $3.2 billion paid in allied health services benefits, $1.6 billion was for dental work.

The amount paid by insurers represents almost half of the $3.3 billion total charged for visits to the dentist.

The figures show an increase of five per cent in the amount claimed compared to the year before.

Dental extras have become a crucial deciding factor in choosing a private health insurance policy.

These extras commonly fall into the categories of 'general' and 'major.'

General may cover simple procedures as small fillings, cleaning and plaque removal.

The higher costs come with major coverage, including major restorative and corrective surgery including tooth removal, orthodontics and braces.

The dentistry industry has also seen an increase in the number of adults getting braces, a procedure previously associated with teenage school children.

Without private health cover, a trip to the dentist could leave you drastically out of pocket, so be sure to pick a health insurance policy that keeps you and your pearly whites in good condition.