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Australian office staff 'are workaholics'

24 June 2011 - 3:11pm

Australian employees who are primarily office-based have been described as "workaholics" due to the results of a recent survey.

NorthgateArsino, a provider of global HR services and systems, found that while technology - such as instant messaging and smartphones - have made staff more productive at work, they are also cutting into their personal time.

More than half the respondents in a recent survey admitted to carrying out work tasks from home, while 29.4 per cent claimed to work during their commute to and from the office.

While 73.8 per cent of survey respondents admitted that technology had, in many cases, improved their work-life balance, 52.2 per cent also pointed out that gadgets such as smartphones had led to work intruding on their personal time.

David Page, NorthgateArsino's Australia and New Zealand managing director, asserted that companies need to "have the right policies in place" to ensure their staff enjoy an appropriate work-life balance.

He said: "It's important to recognise where to draw the line and when to get some balance back into your personal life to focus on your health, family, friends and relationships."

Other benefits companies may wish to consider in addition to flexible working are private health cover, company-paid gym memberships, doona days and offering employees a day off on their birthdays.