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Workers want bosses to care for their health

5 August 2011 - 2:00pm

A survey of 20,000 workers in Australia has revealed the top five reasons why employees leave their jobs.

The study by staffing solutions company Kelly Services shows that 60 per cent of staff intend to leave their job and follow a new career path at some point in their lives due to workplace and role dissatisfaction.

Penny O’Reilly, general manager of Kelly Services Australia, believes it is important for companies to encourage loyalty by creating a work situation that appeals to its staff.

"Replacing an employee costs an employer up to three times that person's annual wage, so constant employee turnover can quickly spiral out of control - not to mention the interruption that turnover causes to productivity," she says.

Employee workload and stress levels were the fourth highest rating cause to leave a job.

Staff who are given unrealistic workloads often develop high levels of stress, which in turn takes a toll on general health and wellbeing.

Businesses that introduce corporate health insurance plans for their workers can make a clear statement that they value their contribution and are concerned for their health.

By helping staff maintain a healthy balance between work and life, companies can safeguard against losing employees and maintain productivity.