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Worker stress on the rise

20 July 2011 - 6:24pm

Research shows that employee fatigue is escalating as a number of factors negatively impact on the mental health of staff.

One such issue is a growing skills gap. The Australian Institute of Management Victoria & Tasmania (AIMVT) released the results of survey last month which show that 82 per cent of organisations have a gap in their workforce skills.

The effect this has on the workplace is a significant increase in the levels of stress, depression and fatigue as many employees struggle to overcompensate by working longer hours, with added pressure to perform.

Susan Heron, chief executive officer of the AIMVT, says: "Organisations need to ensure they have effective programs in place to monitor and respond to signs of employee stress as part of their overall employee engagement and skills management program."

Often staff will willingly take on an increased amount of work as they are concerned about their job security in the wake of the global financial crisis.

Companies can take steps to protect the mental wellbeing of their employees by talking to an insurance broker to find appropriate business health plans.

It can also make businesses look more appealing to potential workers looking to find a new employer.