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Work is the best place to start being healthy

8 August 2011 - 3:47pm

Australians spend an average of 40 hours a week at work, so why do so few see it as a chance to maintain a healthy lifestyle?

Part of the issue is Australians don't view the opportunities that being in a regular routine can afford.

Being healthy doesn't just refer to physical exercise and those at work can assist in diet management by identifying their negative habits.

Preparing meals in advance is not just a cost-saving technique, but can also ensure that you are controlling the amount of healthy food you have available to you throughout the day in the form of lunch and regular snacks.

Staff should recognise their individual unhealthy habits at work such as cigarette breaks, sugary-snack runs and not getting enough sunlight.

Lunch breaks are not just a chance to fill up on nutritious food, they are also a chance to get some much-needed sun exposure to increase vitamin D levels and give an added boost to your mental outlook and focus.

Mental illness in the workplace is a growing concern and companies can improve the overall wellbeing of their workforce with business health plans that cover their employees' physical and mental health.