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Why use a broking service?

24 June 2013 - 4:43pm

There are a number of reasons why using a broking service such as HICA to purchase health insurance can be beneficial.

Here are just a few:

We offer objectivity

Brokers are not tied to specific insurance companies or products, so they can really help you find the private health insurance plan that best suits your current situation and future needs. We will listen and take your requirements to heart, instead of pushing you to buy a policy that you don't want.

HICA also has the ability to search through the offerings of a wide variety of insurance providers, so when you do decide on an Australian health insurance package, you will be making a fully informed decision.

Ordinary insurance agents only have access to the services and products their particular company is selling.

That means if you happen upon a company during your search for health insurance which does not offer plans that suit your needs, you will either be forced to look elsewhere or settle for an inadequate policy.

We offer advice

HICA is Australia's leading independently owned broking service, and we have been providing individuals and businesses with health insurance advice for more than 25 years.

We are therefore experts in this market, experienced in dealing with all manner of health insurance-related issues, and qualified to recommend the best policy for you and your family.

Best of all, we will not stop advising and supporting you the moment you have chosen an insurance package. Instead, we will keep an eye on your cover arrangements and make sure they continue to serve their purpose.

We will keep you up-to-date with changes in your policy, regularly review your insurance plan with you to make sure it is still providing you with adequate coverage, and advise you on changing this cover if necessary.

We don't charge you extra

Whether we are offering assistance and advice to individuals, couples or families, it is absolutely free of charge. You are not required to pay any additional fees or higher insurance premiums if you purchase insurance through us.

For all of these reasons and more, contact HICA today. We can offer you or your business a private health insurance comparison that will make sure you get the policy you want.