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Where to buy your travel insurance

20 April 2015 - 11:15am

If you've planned a holiday, you'll have a checklist of things to do. Book the time off work, organise flights, buy suitable clothes, arrange for someone to look after your pets - the jobs go on.

This exhaustive to-do list is perhaps why many people don't even think about travel insurance until it comes to the point of purchase. Whether you are shopping online or with a travel agent, the pressure to say yes often leaves holiday-makers with an impulse decision to make.

Shopping online can be particularly hazardous. According to the Australian Bureau of Statistics, three-quarters of Australians now take to the internet to buy goods - and of these items, travel, accommodation, memberships and other tickets are the most purchased.

It will not be until the "do you want travel insurance?" window pops up that many people begin to take the idea to heart.

While you will no doubt understand that travel insurance is a necessary way to ensure any accidents or medical issues are seen to in a prompt and financially secure way, you'll also want to do it on a budget.

According to recent research, buying directly through the airline or travel provider is rarely the most cost-effective way to protect yourself when away from home.

Finding the right travel insurance deal

The study, as published by Yahoo Finance, "found basic cover for a family of four travelling to Bangkok for seven days costs $92.32 on average across 12 direct providers, but the same or similar cover through airlines was $280.22".

However, cost is not the only issue. Holiday-makers will no doubt want to make sure they have a policy that covers all eventualities. This means a level of cover that is specified for the individual policyholder, the country they're visiting and the plans they have in mind.

From there, a simple case of comparing travel insurance providers will ensure travellers get a policy that is balanced for both quality and cost.

Another way to buy

What many people may not know is the role your broker can play in finding the right travel insurance policy.

While it is time consuming to contact all insurance providers, both in your area and across the country, and then compare the prices while also gauging them in relation to quality, that is where your broker will excel.

HICA are not only specialists at comparing health insurance policies free of charge, we also take our professional networks and expertise and use them on the travel insurance industry.

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