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When it comes to good health - keep it simple

5 September 2011 - 6:23pm

A recent initiative has highlighted the need to keep health information simple to understand and easy to act upon.

The Australian Private Hospital Association (APHA) has released a new facts sheet titled: Am I adequately covered for private hospital care?

As an education measure, the brochure aims to increase awareness of private health insurance benefits and conditions by answering common questions in down-to-earth, relatable language.

Topics dealt with in the document include coverage for private hospital care, exclusions and restrictions, as well as waiting periods.

The no-nonsense approach to private health cover information shows the important of speaking to consumers at a level that they understand, as jargon, fine print and dense policy conditions are often skipped over by consumers.

According to the brochure, the APHA recommends that consumers regularly check their policy to ensure that it is current, relevant to their situation at the time and caters to any recent changes.

It offers a 'peace of mind' checklist, which recommends regular policy evaluation and consultation with doctors over the potential need for additional benefits.

The APHA also encourages policyholders to contact their insurer to clarify details when necessary.