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Victoria to receive $22.2 million injection into diabetes and cardiovascular disease program

30 September 2011 - 5:24pm

The Victorian state government has announced today (September 30) that it plans to invest $22.2 million over four years into the Life! Diabetes and Cardiovascular Disease Prevention Program.

Individuals at high risk of developing heart disease and type 2 diabetes will be provided with the resources necessary to implement a healthier lifestyle strategy as a preventative measure.

Individuals at risk and thinking about taking out private health insurance may do well to note that some private insurers offer free Chronic Disease Management Programs which can assist with living with such conditions.

Minister for health David Davis says: "Cardiovascular disease is one of our largest health problems and despite improvements over the last few decades - it remains one of the biggest burdens on our community.

"The Life! program includes locally delivered group courses offered through established service providers with high quality training, reporting and quality assurance processes."

A social media strategy will help promote the initiative and act as an educational resource for those in need of support.

According to the Victorian government, one Australian dies from heart disease every 23 minutes - an especially concerning statistic considering it remains a preventable condition.