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Sunshine Coast sees benefits for patients in private sector

26 September 2011 - 5:33pm

Private health cover member will benefit from the construction of a $150 million hospital facility on the Sunshine Coast, with building scheduled to commence in January 2012.

Ramsay Health is behind the 200 bed private hospital which will connect to the Sunshine Coast University Hospital - with an expected completion date set for December 2013.

The Sunshine Coast Daily reports that the complex will feature six operating theatres, a day chemotherapy unit and a day surgery.

Residents in the area will also be provided with an intensive care unit with a capacity for eight beds.

The project will also provide added benefits to the region, with 1,000 staff expected to be employed by the private hospital.

Urban Development Institute of Australia Sunshine Coast president Frazer Dean says that projects in the area will provide a boost to employment and construction activity.

"As council's CEO John Knaggs said, this precinct will become the region's very own resources boom," says Dean.

"It's a magnificent opportunity and the benefits to the whole economy, not just the development industry, should not be understated."

Around $1 million dollars is expected to be spent in the region per day during development.