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Public health system 'crippled' by cuts

25 August 2011 - 2:58pm

The government's decision to cut hundreds of jobs from the NSW Department of Health will reduce the quality of public health services, according to the Public Service Association (PSA) of NSW.

A total of 300 jobs are scheduled to be removed, as announced by health minister Jillian Skinner yesterday (August 25).

Skinner claims that $80 million worth of resources will be freed up by a plan to cut middle management positions by the end of the year.

NSW government aims to inject the money back into the health system with a focus on frontline care, as opposed to management personnel.

However, principle industrial officer Ayshe Lewis says: "The work carried out by head office staff has a direct impact on the delivery of appropriate services to some of the most vulnerable people in our society."

"Our state is growing and our health needs are becoming more complex - this move will put NSW at a severe disadvantage in developing smart response to the health challenges ahead," she asserts.

The effect that the cuts will have on the public system are currently unknown, however many may take comfort in the security offered by private health insurance companies, with record numbers of Australians now covered by private health cover