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Private health insurance can help customers quit smoking

12 August 2011 - 1:58pm

A report has highlighted the benefits of financial support for smokers during the process of quitting.

The study - titled Healthcare financing systems for increasing the use of tobacco dependence treatment - comes from The Cochrane Collaboration.

By comparing the success rates of smokers willing to quit with and without financial assistance, researchers hoped to identify if reimbursement of health care providers would have a positive effect.

According to the researchers' conclusion: "Covering the full cost to smokers of using smoking cessation treatment increased the number of biochemically validated successful quitters."

By covering the price of treatment - either completely or partially - the financial burden on smokers is eased.

Any method that will help individuals kick the habit can be of assistance as smoking is notoriously difficult to quit.

Studies have long shown that smoking has dramatic effects on the health and wellbeing of people, with many still addicted despite widespread education on the risks.

Recent government campaigns have attempted to highlight the financial incentives of quitting, as well as the obvious health benefits.

When choosing private health cover, smokers should investigate if insurers provide programs and benefits for treatment measures and visits to specialists to assist in quitting.