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Oral cancer awareness to increase during Dental Health Week

1 August 2011 - 6:00pm

Dental Health Services Victoria (DHSV) aims to educate Australians about the threat of oral cancer during its annual Dental Health Week initiative.

According to the DHSV, three Australians are diagnosed with the condition every day, with only 50 per cent of sufferers expected to survive past five years.

No cure currently exists for such cancers, which develop in the mouth, lips and oral cavity.

Despite this, oral cancer awareness levels are comparatively low compared to other forms of cancer.

The good news is, by simply adopting a healthier lifestyle you can drastically reduce your chances of developing it.

People who smoke put themselves at a greater risk of the disease by constantly inhaling dangerous chemicals.

Adjunct professor Hanny Calache, director clinical leadership, education and research at DHSV says: "If a smoker who doesn’t already have oral cancer stops smoking, they will halve their risk of developing oral cancer within five years."

Quitting cigarettes is a hard task and smoking can often form part of a regular routine at work, with employees partaking in 'smoke break' culture.

Employers can help protect the health and wellbeing of their workers by implementing awareness programs, as well as offering business health plans that can assist in quitting.