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New government website aims to keep Australians healthy

1 August 2011 - 5:59pm

A new website has been announced as part of a government initiative to keep people more informed about their dietary intake.

Parliamentary secretary for health and ageing Catherine King says: "The website showcases the work of the Food and Health Dialogue … which brings together government, industry and public health groups with the aim of addressing poor dietary habits and making healthier food choices easier and more accessible for all Australians."

The dialogue was formed in 2009 and has been influential in getting food producers to lower the levels of sodium in bread products and cereals.

A number of targets have been set by the dialogue in the hope that food manufacturers will reduce the content of salts, sugar and saturated fat in their products.

It also aims to increase the content of natural fibres, grains and fruit and vegetable in widely-consumed products.

Updates on the dialogue's progress will be posted as it strives to improve the overall nutritional value of common supermarket favourites.

The site forms part of the government's continued effort to increase the quality of preventative health measures across the country including new Super GPs and incentives to take out private health cover.