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Improve staff retention through corporate health insurance

14 October 2011 - 1:53pm

There are a number of reasons why employees may choose to leave a particular company.

ORC International aim to help employers find out exactly why this occurs and have released a new engagement program which surveys outgoing staff.

It is hoped that companies will gain a better understanding of the motivation behind voluntary termination of contract.

The program highlights the need for employers to communicate with their workforce regularly in order to find out what their priorities are and how they can better utilise them.

Investment in employees comes in a number forms - one common strategy being further training.

By assisting a staff member with building new skills, you can increase their overall value to your operation.

Remuneration is also frequently cited as a key factor for employees contemplating a change of jobs.

However, offering increases in staff wages is not the only answer - companies can investigate additional benefits such as performance incentives or corporate health benefits.

Business health plans demonstrate a commitment that many employees are likely to appreciate, coupled with the assurance that their health is protected by an insurance policy.

ORC International believe that it is important for companies to understand what factors increase loyalty and believe that their survey will give employers an valuable insight into this issue.