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Health insurance crucial for single parents

11 August 2011 - 6:47pm

Single parents naturally face unique hurdles when it comes to the smooth operation of the family unit.

With the parental duties not being shared between two people, it is often up to the sole adult to manage the household chores on top of a work life.

Children also require support with school and a nutritional intake can be hard to maintain with minimal time left over for food preparation.

All of these factors add up to increased pressure on mums and dads and it is common for their own health to be relegated beneath other priorities.

For this reason it is crucial that single parents take out adequate private health cover.

The increased responsibility of a sole adult means it is necessary to maintain consistently high levels of personal health and wellbeing.

If a single parent falls sick, they may find themselves without a support network, with prolonged illness occurring as a result.

In order to protect their income and to ensure a smooth operation continues, private health cover can assist single parents with maintaining a higher overall level of health through benefits and cover for medical tests, as well as the all-important peace of mind.