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Employees who exercise worth more to companies

15 September 2011 - 5:53pm

A study has revealed that employees who walk 10,000 steps a day and go to the gym three times a week can see a boost in productivity.

The Body-Brain Performance Institute (BBPI) has collaborated with Swinburne University's Brain Sciences Institute and believes that over a 60-day period, each employee increased productivity by $2,500.

Companies could use the research as further evidence of the benefits of having a healthy workforce.

The options available to companies can range from healthy eating awareness campaigns to lunch-time exercise groups and offering business health plans to employees.

Elements of the trial focused on the relationship between physical fitness and brain function and found that regular physical activity improved mood, productivity and the ability to process information.

Productivity was found to be boosted by increased levels of memory retention and more-considered decision making.

BBPI founder professor Paul Taylor says: "The research showed that there is a very clear link between physical fitness and brain function."

"There were improvements in the employees' mood and cognition from both of the groups, with the exercise group surpassing the results of the control group."