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Doctors seeking ways to cut red tape

25 July 2011 - 6:52pm

The Australian Medical Association (AMA) is calling for GPs to partake in a national survey designed to determine how red tape affects their productivity.

It is hoped that the survey will reveal areas for improvement in the primary health care process.

Dr Steven Hambleton AMA president says that: "For every hour that a family doctor is tied up doing the paperwork, about four patients miss out on seeing their family doctor."

Hambleton believes that improvements have been made recently when GPs were granted online government forms to help speed up the paperwork process.

A wide range of areas are covered in the survey, including the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme, Centrelink and WorkCover forms.

The AMA wants doctors to give an honest assessment of their daily routine to examine exactly how current and new initiatives impact on the amount of daily care they can provide.

Once the data has been complied, the findings will be submitted to the government in the hope they will influence health care policy.

The government is in the process of rolling out their health care reforms that impact primary health care, the private health insurance sector and the Medicare levy surcharge.