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Consumer poll shows concern over public hospital resources

23 September 2011 - 5:03pm

A recent Newspoll conducted with The Australian has revealed the concerns of everyday consumers when it comes to health care expenditure.

Respondents were asked to rate the urgency of a number of items on a scale of one to ten and the results have shown that many believe the public hospital sector is in dire trouble.

'Funding for more beds in public hospitals' was deemed the most pressing issue, recording a priority of 8.3.

Patients in the public sector are clearly concerned over the availability of beds when hospital treatment is needed.

Funding for aged care services was next - recording a 7.9 - as Australia's ageing population grows, the amount of resources needed is expected to increase exponentially.

Interestingly, 'increased subsidies for private health insurance' was a less pressing issue - registering a 5.9 on the priority scale - causing speculation that many Australians are finding private cover to be an affordable expenditure item.

Other concerns that ranked above private health subsidies were funding for disability for support services and additional drugs to be covered under the Pharmaceutical Benefits Scheme.

Many Australians also want increased levels of medical research to pave the way forward for a higher standard of living in the future.