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AGL efforts aim to improve employee health and wellbeing

28 September 2011 - 5:52pm

Energy company AGL has released their annual report which sheds some light on its approach towards employee health.

According to an official release: "There has been a reduction in the number of psychological and stress-related injuries compared to previous years after a recent focus on employee wellbeing and mental health."

Other companies can learn from AGL's example by implementing initiatives such as business health plans or lifestyle awareness programs.

The report states: "A safe, engaged and high performance working environment enables employees to contribute to the delivery of AGL's strategic objectives."

Company health initiatives have several benefits for both workers and businesses - fostering a mutually beneficial situation that can positively impact on the bottom line.

Reductions in stress levels and injuries may lead to an overall boost in productivity, whilst improvements in morale create a more pleasant working environment.

AGL says that it will aim to improve its employee engagement score - a rating that measures the general sentiment and feeling of commitment of employees.

Another point worth noting is the company's acknowledgement of its ageing workforce - leading them to reassess safety protocols to minimise injury.