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A closer look at 2018 recruiting trends in Australia

12 January 2018 - 9:30am

Planning for the future is never easy, but if you have the right tools in place, it can make weathering any periods of uncertainty a little smoother. Those tools, are of course, your talented employees! However, obtaining and retaining top talent is easier said than done these days. 

Today, we're going to look to LinkedIn's most recent report on the country's recruiting trends and pull out the important hiring trends in Australia right now. This should give you a complete picture of the priorities and challenges you're up against, as well as how corporate health insurance plays an important part in recruiting.

Quality of talent becomes essential

This year, 45 per cent of Australian leaders are expecting their team's hiring volume to increase, reports LinkedIn. In order to assess the quality of the talent, companies will measure the length of time the new hire stays with the company, hiring manager satisfaction and time to fill. These are the metrics that actually make a difference as a company grows.

Retention remains one of the biggest recruiting challenges in any industry, as it's easier than ever for your employees to see what is going on in other companies and even countries, if they aren't approached in the first place.

80 per cent of leaders know that employer branding impacts the talent they attract.

Branding and culture a tool in recruitment

The most effective brand messaging focuses on culture and career growth - these are the basic essentials for those on the job hunt, including the top talent. LinkedIn's report explains that 80 per cent of leaders know that employer branding impacts the talent they attract, meaning you need to be incredibly careful about your messaging. 

When you're advertising for new employees, it's really not enough to say your company offers 'career growth and good culture'. You need to be able to prove it!

How does health insurance fit into recruiting this year?

There are many things you can do to satisfy each of these recruiting necessities - but there's really only one crucial piece to the puzzle, no matter how you organise your business. It's company health insurance.

Offering incentives like a comprehensive health insurance plan directly shows how you care for their health and wellbeing despite the life surprises that are thrown their way. Having a health plan sends this message to prospective employees as well, and likely can help with their decision making process if they're choosing between two similar companies. The more comprehensive insurance plan will stand out in the end. 

If you'd like help designing a business plan that will stand out, contact one of our expert consultants at HICA today.