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HICA announces launch of Tax Saver Selector

17 June 2010 - 10:09pm

Health Insurance Consultants Australia (HICA) today announced the launch of their Tax Saver Selector.

The Tax Saver Selector has been developed for people seeking health cover for tax saving purposes, bringing together a select range of  great value hospital policies that cost less than the Medicare Levy  Surcharge.

"In response to client feedback and in consultation with Bentleys Chartered Accountants, we have developed a calculator to help people estimate their Medicare Levy Surcharge liability compared to the cost of eligible private hospital cover", Still said.

"People are aware that right now is the time to review their health cover, but are starved of proper information and advice to make an informed decision.  The Tax Saver Selector aims to demonstrate the tax saving potential plus the benefits they can obtain from appropriate private health cover.

The Tax Saver Selector is another demonstration of HICA's commitment to help bring informed decisions and ongoing excellent service to clients.

The covers in the Tax Saver Selector qualify for Medicare Levy Surcharge exemption and Lifetime Health Cover status retention for the period covered.  However, should clients want more comprehensive cover or tailored advice, they can access HICA's professional consultants for a personal health cover review and recommendation without cost or obligation.

"Savvy consumers are becoming increasingly aware of the superior ongoing value and benefit HICA provides as a full service broker  alternative to buying health insurance online from comparators and  originators" said Still.

Once a client selects a policy through HICA, HICA keep an eye on the details. If the clients policy or circumstances change, HICA will review their cover to ensure it remains appropriate to their needs and competitively priced.