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More lives can be saved by food industry regulation

3 August 2012 - 12:59pm
Written by: 
Suzanne Still

The National Heart Foundation of Australia's calls to improve Australia's food supply to reduce deaths from cardiovascular disease, has been backed up from a research reported in yesterday's Sydney Morning Herald (August 2).

Dr Cobiac of the University of Queensland's school of public health said in the report that aggressive prescription of drugs and food industry regulation would save more lives than lifestyle counselling.

Dr Lyn Roberts chief executive officer of the Heart Foundation said that the research showed that improving Australia's food reformulation agenda was important, and is an initiative the Heart Foundation support.

"The Heart Foundation has been helping industry reformulate to make foods healthier
in the form of the Heart Foundation Tick for more than twenty years," Dr Roberts said.

“We know Australians appreciate these efforts because research shows us it's
Australia’s most trusted food certification. One in five grocery buyers in Australia always have an item in their trolley with the Tick and more than half of them say
they’d prefer a product with the Tick rather than a similar product without the Tick."

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