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Corporate Health Insurance News

23/10/2014 - 2:23pm

Are you happy with your insurance cover and cost? The answer may be yes - but that may not prevent you from looking elsewhere for a better deal.

That is the finding of a research study by Accenture this month, which discovered that even if a person or business is happy with an insurance claim, it does not necessarily stop them jumping ship to another insurance provider.

Accenture rounded up almost 8,000 insurance customers in 14 different countries and questioned them about their insurer loyalty.

20/10/2014 - 3:24pm

The sale of Medibank Private will see the biggest health insurance provider in Australia floated on the Australian stock market as early as November.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann announced on October 20 that the privatisation of Medibank will see the government-owned insurance company enter the top 100 companies on the ASX.

08/10/2014 - 7:35am

October is officially Safe Work Australia Month, with individuals and businesses motivated to check their safety standards in the workplace. The month-long program aims to increase the knowledge and resources people have when considering workplace safety, and encourages them to take a closer look at the risks that exist to their health. 

The risks an individual may be exposed to in their professional life has a profound effect on their wellbeing, as well as an employer's relationship to health and safety.

05/08/2014 - 4:36pm

Although working for a start-up company can have many perks - close interaction with supervisors, an abundance of fresh ideas and enthusiastic coworkers are just a few general examples - salary and benefits are known not to be among them. When working for a company that's just getting off the ground, many employees find they have to sacrifice a higher salary and business health insurance options. The tradeoff is sometimes taken in stride by fresh-faced employees (especially millennials), but it isn't a good long-term strategy for employee retention.

23/07/2014 - 11:20am

Australia is a migrant country and in the 2011 census there were 252 overseas places of birth registered. There are 190,000 places available on Australia's Migration Programme over the 2014-15 period. Of these it is expected that 68 per cent will be skill stream visas and 32 per cent will be family stream visas. The skill-based visas will be made up of four types of visas: employer sponsored, skilled independent, business and state, territory and regional nominated.

22/07/2014 - 8:37am

Benefits like business health insurance can contribute to higher levels of job satisfaction and help Australians cope with the impacts diseases, especially increasingly prevalent chronic conditions, have on their lives.

24/06/2014 - 5:39pm

Although the days might be getting shorter and the nights colder, the working routine still carries on. As employees battle it out through the chilly winter months in Australia, now is the perfect time to think about how you can prevent those common cold-weather illnesses from making an appearance in your workplace.

18/06/2014 - 7:29pm

For most people, the idea of organisational culture and music having any parallels may be unthinkable. However, a new research paper aims to explain how the structure of an organisation can mirror that of a musical composition.

According to lead authors David King and Samuel DeMarie, both from Iowa State University's College Of Business, culture is one of the most important aspects of any organisation.

17/06/2014 - 9:50pm

The shortage of certain skilled professionals in Australia could affect a significant amount of employers Down Under, according to a recent survey from recruitment firm Hays. The 2014 Hays Salary Guide shows these shortages could inhibit effective business operations for 58 per cent of employers. 

17/06/2014 - 8:09pm

What makes a healthy workplace? Is it the physical layout of the office, the corporate culture in action, or the number of health initiatives in place?

While all of these play can play a crucial role in keeping staff members in the best condition, the Australian Psychological Society (APS) is urging organisations to consider the part that mental health and wellbeing plays as well.

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