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Children have eyes set on heading back to school

30 January 2012 - 2:45pm

As children prepare to return to school this week, leading health experts are reminding parents of the importance of addressing all aspects of their child's wellbeing.

According to Queensland University of Technology (QUT) Health Clinics manager Allison Vautin, now is also the time for children to have their eyes checked by specialists.

"Parents are so busy making sure they have their child's school uniform, books, bag, etc ready to go that it's all too easy to overlook the most important item on the 'back to school' checklist - their child," she said (January 10).

QUT's Head of Optometry associate professor Peter Hendicott believes that children need good vision for their social, educational and behavioural development.

"It's almost impossible for parents to detect a vision problem. While most vision problems can be corrected, early detection is the key to reducing their impact," he said.

Parents looking to book appointments with the optometrist for the whole family may find that a private health insurance policy could cover some of the costs.

"Picking up possible vision problems now gives your child the best possible start at school," Mr Hendicott added.