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Health Insurance News

16/10/2013 - 2:42pm

Taking steps to improve the health and wellbeing of your workers can also improve your business's performance, productivity and workplace culture.

Implementing a work health initiative - for example, providing business health plans - can lead to many major benefits for both employers and employees, according to recent data released by Comcare.

Benefits of corporate health initiatives

15/10/2013 - 3:43pm

Queensland's dental waiting list was reduced by 78 per cent between February and September this year after the government introduced a voucher system giving eligible public patients the option to use private dentists.

"In February, there were 62,513 Queenslanders who had been waiting on public dental lists more than two years," Health Minister Lawrence Springborg said in a October 12 statement.

"However, as of September, the LNP (Liberal National Party) has reduced that to 13,722. That is an amazing outcome for the health of Queenslanders."

14/10/2013 - 2:58pm

More than 20 million sick days each year are taken by Australian workers suffering from stress-related illnesses, costing the Australian economy $14.8 billion annually, according to research from Medicare 24/7 Health Advice Line (MHAL).

Severe stress in the workplace is hindering 85 per cent of working Australians and 15 per cent of affected employees are taking at least one sick day a month

Absenteeism is unfortunately not the only stress-related preventable cost to the Australian economy, with presenteeism costing more than $25 billion annually.

11/10/2013 - 3:19pm

More than 300 pieces of advanced medical equipment have already been purchased for the $2 billion Fiona Stanley Hospital (FSH).

The installation of major medical equipment, including high-tech imaging equipment and a powerful x-ray system for cardiology and vascular procedures, was a significant milestone in the clinical commissioning program of FSH, Western Australia's Health Minister Dr Kim Hames said in an October 8 statement.

10/10/2013 - 1:46pm

Construction on the new $22.7 million Charlton hospital is now under way and completion is expected in October 2014.

In January 2011, the old Charlton hospital was devastated by flood waters that caused extensive damage all through this quiet river town in north-west Victoria.

With the damaged hospital now demolished, the new facilities signal the beginning of a new era for Charlton health care.

09/10/2013 - 3:41pm

According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare (AIHW), 50 per cent of patients waited up to 36 days for public elective surgery in 2012-13, a wait time that remains unchanged since 2011-12.

The AIHW report released on Friday (October 4) shows that average wait times ranged from 27 days in Queensland to 51 days in the Australian Capital Territory.

Average wait times have remained unchanged since they increased to 33 days in 2010, despite the number of admissions growing by 1.8 per cent between 2011 and 2013.

09/10/2013 - 1:45pm

Be Medicinewise Week, which is running from October 14 to 20 this year, is a national campaign organised by National Prescribing Service MedicineWise (NPS).

Focusing on Australia's aging population, the campaign aims to give older Australians the tools and information they need to make better decisions about their medicines and health.

With population aging becoming a major global trend, senior issues are becoming a focus for an increasingly dominant number of Australians.

08/10/2013 - 3:18pm

The new Perth South Coastal Medicare Local opened its doors in Pinjarra last week.

After Medicare executives noticed many Pinjarra residents were travelling to the Mandurah office to take advantage of the health services offered there, the new centre was proposed to meet local need.

"There is no doubt that Pinjarra is a growing area and there is an increased need for health services," said Perth South Coastal Medicare Local chief executive Paul Hersey.

Written by: Suzanne Still
04/10/2013 - 2:31pm

Australians with private health insurance are being encouraged to research the costs of medical procedures before committing to a hospital or health care centre.

A report released by Private Healthcare Australia (PHA) has revealed large price differences in identical procedures in hospitals across the nation.

For example, the PHA data showed that the cost of a same day colonoscopy can range from around $1,200 to more than $1,900.

Written by: Edward Brewer
03/10/2013 - 2:43pm

Mental health in the workplace is in the spotlight this month as National Mental Health Week (NMHW) approaches.

Running from Sunday 6 to Sunday 13 October, NMHW occurs each year in addition to World Mental Health Day, which is held on 10 October.

This year, the Mental Health Council of Australia (MHCA) released new research addressing the issue of mental health discrimination in the workplace.