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21/11/2014 - 9:44am

There can be great diversity in the cost of a health insurance plan. With so many variables - coverage, location, age of consumer, etc. - it can be a complex process assessing the risk and, as a result, the cost of a health insurance policy.

21/11/2014 - 8:58am

The privatisation of Australia's largest health insurance provider continued to take another interesting turn this week, as the price cap was lifted for the institutional offering of Medibank Private.

As the book-build for the flotation on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX) gets underway, institutional investors have been encouraged to bid higher to secure shares.

18/11/2014 - 9:34am

Travelling is one of the greatest ways Aussies can see the world. While our own country is great for local tourism, our seclusion from much of the world makes exploring other countries a thrilling experience.

Travelling is more popular than ever in Australia. A decade ago, there were 18.6 border crossings, according to a recent Australian Bureau of Statistics report. This included people leaving and arriving in the country over the 2003-2004 period.

13/11/2014 - 12:49pm

You may have already heard about the Medibank Private sale: a stock market flotation that will put Australia's largest health insurance provider up for sale before the end of November.

The government says the privatisation of the company will increase competition in the health insurance market, and ensure they are not both regulator and insurer at the same time.

03/11/2014 - 2:47pm

Brokers bid in great numbers on behalf of their clients this week for shares in Medibank Private.

Australia's largest health insurer is being floated on the Australian Stock Exchange in a bid to raise between $4.3 billion and $5.5 billion for the government purse.

Experts suggested the number of interested parties buying shares in the health insurance company would be high, though brokers alone bid $11.987 billion in the first round of stock sales.

20/10/2014 - 3:24pm

The sale of Medibank Private will see the biggest health insurance provider in Australia floated on the Australian stock market as early as November.

Finance Minister Mathias Cormann announced on October 20 that the privatisation of Medibank will see the government-owned insurance company enter the top 100 companies on the ASX.

05/09/2014 - 8:50am

Advocates of chiropractic believe this treatment can be effective for many maladies. Chiropractic is one of the few branches of holistic treatments that appear to be legitimate in their ability to treat a variety of illnesses. The World Federation of Chiropractic (WFC) is in official relations with the WHO, which speaks to the treatment's standing in the health community.

But what exactly is chiropractic? What can it treat? And, perhaps most importantly, is it covered by Australian health insurance?

29/08/2014 - 8:27am

Australia, along with many other developed countries, has experienced a dramatic increase in births by Cesarean section. According to the Sydney Morning Herald, about 32 per cent of all Australian births were given by C-section at the end of 2013. 

The World Health Organization (WHO) recommends no more than 5-10 per cent of all births be given via C-section. This means that birth in Australia exceeds the WHO's recommendation significantly.

When are C-sections necessary?

07/07/2014 - 6:11pm

Technology is an important part of doing business in today's society, however risks come along with the benefits it provides. One of those risks is cyber attacks.

Cyber insurance is not just for big multinational corporations. A number of small and medium enterprises are at risk because they have low security measures, according to a recent report by the Centre for Internet Security.

30/06/2014 - 3:50pm

As smartphones become increasingly central to everyday life, it's no surprise that many travellers won't leave home without their mobile device. A new report published by MasterCard shows travellers are making the most of this technology while on holiday, with many willing to share personal data for services they see as useful to their trip.

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