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Health Insurance News

Cardiovascular disease in Australia


Cardiovascular disease is a major concern in Australia. Discover why health experts are recommending preventative tactics for treatment of this disease. Read more...

What are PAHs and how do they affect you?


Potentially avoidable hospitalisations (PAHs) may cost Australian taxpayers extra dollars and put a strain on the country's health care system. Read more...

What is Lifetime Health Cover and how does it work?


Lifetime Health Cover incentivises Australian citizens to purchase private health insurance. Read on to discover how the system works and how you may be affected. Read more...

Study uncovers variation in Australian health care


A study found that health care practises varied significantly across Medicare Locals. It's important to know your options when it comes to making health care decisions. Read more...

Mental Health Week coming up in early October


Australia's Mental Health Week hopes to raise awareness of mental health issues. Mental illnesses currently affect one in five Australian residents. Read more...

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