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Health Insurance News

Federal Budget 2016: The healthcare roundup


Wondering how the Budget might affect your private health insurance? We take a look at some of the major changes, and the industry view on them. Read more...

Is it time to simplify private health insurance?


Are you finding your health insurance too complex to understand? It appears you are not the only one, as the Coalition has announced a new election promise. Read more...

3 ways your business could get involved in Men's Health Week


Men's Health Week is here, full of events and activities to educate on the wellbeing of men. But what can your business do to help? Read more...

3 reasons why young Australians need private health insurance


Young Australians need lifetime health insurance just as much as older residents - here are just three reasons why you need to stay on top of it. Read more...

What will the next big medical innovation be?


Every year, new technology and innovation changes how we live in and view the world. But what's next on the cards for the medical industry? Read more...

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